Freaky facts about me

I was born in 1984

I was a chubby child

I cannot live without complex carbohydrates and could seriously eat bowl and bowls rice with nothing added and it would be a satisfying dinner for me (Who am I kidding,it would be my ideal dinner)

Gourmet restaurants give me a stomach ache

Like many people originating from Asia and Africa I do not do well with lactose. Even though I am not lactose intolerant (yet) I do get symptoms of of lactose intolerance when I have too much dairy. Iiiew right?

I love Japanese, Indian, Italian and Middle Eastern food the most

Eating too much restaurant food makes me depressed, I actually like my own food the most

I dislike dishwashers and do not trust them and would rather do all my dishes by hand. Oh yeah,I’m a clean and control freak which is also why I do not allow people to help me when I’m cooking.

More to come! Tudeluu


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